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Can Someone with a Bad Voice Learn to Sing?

Have you ever wanted to work with a celebrity singing instructor to improve your vocal skills?  Do you feel that your speaking voice will make this difficult for you to achieve?  Schedule an appointment at Professional Voice Care Center, where you will be able to work one-on-one with a vocalogist to help enhance your singing abilities!  Our team of vocalogists have years of experience providing singing, speaking, and medical voice services to both professional and amateur singers.

What Causes Voice Problems?

If you notice that there are changes in your vocal pitch or you are experiencing extended periods of hoarseness, you may be suffering from voice problems.  These signs can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain, discomfort or a constant need to clear your throat.  There are several contributing factors of voice problems. They include:

How to Improve Voice Problems

At Professional Voice Care Center, our celebrity singing instructor has developed a voice therapy program that can help you address your concerns and improve your voice problems.  The program is done through the use of an interactive online platform.  Our vocalogists will create a personalized program to assist you with identifying and reducing the causes of your problems. You may then be asked to do the following: 

Contact Our Celebrity Singing Instructor

If you are currently suffering with voice problems or have any questions about our services, then feel free to contact our celebrity singing instructor, Karen Sussman, at the Professional Voice Care Center and schedule an appointment today! 

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