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Celebrity Singing Instructor Long Island

About the Director | Karen Sussman

Karen Sussman (preferred pronouns: she/her/hers), M.A., CCC, celebrity singing instructor Long Island, is the Director of the Professional Voice Care Center, located in Hicksville, NY. She has been a licensed speech pathologist, voice therapist, speech trainer, and singing specialist since 1981. Karen has trained thousands of performers, executives, teachers, attorneys, sales reps, and other professionals to achieve excellent speaking and/or singing voices and eliminate voice and speech problems.

As a singer-actress, Karen has a special interest and expertise in professional voice/speech training. She has lectured extensively for hospital otolaryngology departments, voice and speech symposia, corporations, choirs, and continuing education programs. She has appeared on television and radio shows devoted to voice care and accent reduction. Karen authored a book chapter on voice care for performers, and wrote a journal article on voice care for fitness instructors.

Karen is certified by, and a member of, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and holds New York and California State Licenses in Speech Pathology. She is a member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), and VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association), as well as Long Island and New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Associations. Karen Sussman is a Voiceworks® Associate Voice Instructor.

Karen is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Doctors’ Choice Awards DCA Top 100, the DCA City Winner in Hicksville NY, and the Distinguished Woman in Health Services from the Town of Oyster Bay Women of Distinction Awards. Her practice was selected as an Opencare Patients’ Choice Winner. She was also nominated for Best Speech-Language Pathologist by the Bethpage Best of Long Island contest.

Karen, a Hofstra University graduate (B.S. in Music/Voice Performance and M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology), lives on Long Island. When not working with clients or performing, Karen’s passions include hiking the great outdoors and long walks with her dogs.

Are you a part of NYSSMA and are looking to improve your sight-singing? Sight-Singing is one of the most important skills to have as a singer, especially if you are in NYSSMA because sight-singing takes up a big portion of your total score. Professional Voice Care Center has helpful instructors and celebrity singing instructor Long Island to improve your sight-singing whether you are in NYSSMA or not. 


What is Sight-Singing?

Sight-singing is the ability to read and sing through a piece of music at first sight, without having a melody played on an instrument first. Sight-singing is so beneficial because it can improve your sight-reading skills, pitch accuracy, and rhythmic skills. It is important to note that sight-singing and ear training go hand in hand. Your inner hearing skills allow you to picture how notes sound without actually having to hear them. If your aural skills are trained with the help of singing lessons on like and ear training, sight-singing will become much more natural. 


How Provoice Can Help

We have created a sight-singing instruction program to reduce students’ fear and anxiety of sight-singing. This program includes examples of NYSSMAcelebrity singing instructor Long Island sight-singing pieces for levels one through six so students can learn the requirements for their particular level. We also train non-NYSSMA students who want to improve their sight-singing. Our goal is to make anyone a better sight-singer so that they can develop more musical independence. We offer both celebrity singing instructor Long Island and in-person. Our training program includes all the following:

  • Key signatures
  • Time signatures
  • Solfège 
  • Pitch 
  • Rhythms 
  • Intervals 
  • Rests
  • Dynamics


Tips for Sight-Singing and Aural Practice

  • Practice everyday! With consistent and routine celebrity singing instructor Long Island, plus taking ten to twenty minutes out of your day when you do not have lessons, you will start to see improvements. 
  • Don’t be shy! At Provoice, our tutors are nonjudgmental and are there to help you improve your skills so do not be afraid to make mistakes. 
  • Learn from your mistakes! Listening back to your performance is a great way to reflect and learn from your mistakes. You can compare your recording with how the melodies written on staff should have been sung. 


Contact Us:Celebrity Singing Instructor Long Island

If you or your child is looking for sight-singing instruction contact Professional Voice Care Center. Our instructors will improve your vocal skills and help you or your child get rid of the fear of sight-singing through our comprehensive programs. Call us today to make an appointment!

The rise of social media is creating opportunities for singers to become discovered. Sussman Professional Voice Care Center provides online voice training lessons. If you are looking for celebrity singing instructor Long Island, join our team and improve your singing voice. Let us help you continue your passion and follow your dreams. 


How can singing lessons improve your child’s life?


Singing lessons at home could greatly improve your child’s voice. However, it could also greatly improve skills that are not directly related to singing. These skills could improve many of a child’s attributes and could help them even as they get older. Some attributes that could be improved by singing lessons include:

  • celebrity singing instructor Long IslandThey most likely will enjoy their singing lessons
  • It can boost their self-discipline
  • It can give your child new relationships and connections
  • It could improve their communication skills
  • It may improve their memory
  • Build their brain power
  • Give them higher self-esteem


All of the attributes above could improve your child’s life and may help them even as they get older. For example, an improved memory may help them throughout their school years and may make it easier for your children to study. If you are seeking singing lessons at home for your child, you should contact the Professional Voice Care Center, celebrity singing instructor Long Island, today. We could teach your child the correct way to sing today.


What Age Should I Put My Child in Singing Lessons?

There is no perfect answer to when a child should start singing lessons. From birth to age nine, a child’s music sensibility is at their highest level. This section of ages is when it is best to expose your child to music. Even if it is just playing music on your phone or on the radio when you are in the car, exposing your child to music should be your first step to introducing your child to music. The best age to begin putting your child in music lessons is age five. If you are seeking singing lessons at home for your child, you should contact the Professional Voice Care Center, celebrity singing instructor Long Island, today. We could teach your child the correct way to sing today.

Who is Karen Sussman?

Karen Sussman is a vocologist who works with distinguished and amateur singers to improve the quality of their singing voice. She is a voice instructor and has won numerous awards. She has trained over 12,000 people since her start in 1981. 

Past Well-Known Clients.

Our clients have started their careers working with the Professional Voice Care Center. She has trained artists such as Madison Beer, Hoodie Allen, and other broadway actresses such as Blair Goldberg and Jamie Lynn Sigler.

The Importance of Celebrity Singing Instructor Long Island.

It is common for singers to overuse and strains their vocal cords. Like any athlete, the vocal cords are a muscle that needs to be strengthened and warmed up before performing. The lack of vocal exercises can cause further damage. Click here to learn more about the risks of overstraining vocal cords. 

What Services Do We Offer?

Whether you are just starting or are an experienced singer, we have programs for you. Our team wants to help you improve and be the best you can be. Gaining confidence and improving technique will prepare you for any performance. Here are some of our singing programs:

  • Singing Voice Mastery Program.
  • Therapeutic Singing Lessonscelebrity singing instructor Long Island
  • Audition Preparation.
  • NYSSMA Preparation.
  • Sight Singing Instruction.

Other Services.

It is important to notice when your voice requires therapy. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, vocal fatigue, vocal strain, or increased effort to produce voice, we have voice therapy. Our licensed speech pathologist will examine your vocal function to create an individual program for rehabilitation.

Contact Sussman Professional Voice Care Center: Celebrity Singing Instructor Long Island.

If you are looking for celebrity singing instructor Long Island, go to our website to fill out an application. Our team wants to help you improve your singing and increase your confidence to perform your best. Contact our office today if you are interested at (516)-433-1822. 

Many children take singing lessons at home throughout their childhood. Many parents often have trouble deciding when they should begin to put their child in singing lessons. Many parents are often concerned that their child does not have the maturity to stay focused during their lessons. Every parent wants their child to enjoy what they are doing. If you put your child in singing class too early, they may not enjoy it, and it could deter them from singing for the rest of their lives. If your child likes singing and you are thinking about putting them in private singing lessons, you should research the right age for them to start their singing lessons. Furthermore, if you are seeking singing lessons at home for your child, you should contact the  Professional Voice Care Center today. We could teach your child the correct way to sing today.

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