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Executive Speech Coach Nassau County


executive speech coach Nassau CountyThe art of singing is much more than just talking loud from your mouth. To find your voice, you need to involve your entire body. Singing is a great way to calm down and connect with the people and things around you. But if you are overly stressed, it can contract the muscles in your body and prevent you from singing the way you usually do. This is why therapeutic singing lessons are so effective at training your body to release tension and free up your voice. We have a team that will specialize in a plan for you to either find or retrieve your singing voice. If you need executive speech coach Nassau County, check out our Hicksville location or visit our website to finally discover your voice that is inside you! 


What Are Therapeutic Singing Lessons?


These lessons aim to develop your singing voice to its fullest potential. Learning how to train the muscles in your throat, diaphragm, and mouth to release tension is an elite skill you can obtain. Listed below are a few benefits of therapeutic singing lessons:



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Speech Therapy


We also have licensed speech pathologists, so we can help increase clarity and precision in your regular speaking voice, which can benefit your singing voice. We have the proper equipment, personnel, qualifications, and dedication it takes to be skilled professionals in the field of voice care. So please, if you need executive speech coach Nassau County, come see us at our Hicksville location. You will be happy you did!


Professional Voice Care: Executive Speech Coach Nassau County 


Our Director, Karen Sussman, has been working in this field since 1981 and has been accumulating knowledge. She has worked with thousands of performers, teachers, lawyers, and executives to obtain clear singing or talking skills. The rest of the team is dedicated, professional, and intelligent when it comes to speech pathology. We can give you the best executive speech coach Nassau County! Come see us in Hicksville today, and you will never look back!


executive speech coach Nassau County


Are you looking for executive speech coach Nassau County? Look no further. Professional Voice Care Centers’ mission is to create or restore speaking and singing voices. Karen Sussman, the director of Pro Voice Care Center, is a singer-actress, licensed speech pathologist, voice therapist, speech trainer, and singing specialist. She has trained thousands of individuals in improving their speaking or singing voices, as well as helping eliminate speech problems. People from various career types come to Pro Voice for help, including singers, actors, broadcasters, teachers, salespeople, attorneys, and more! As a singer, you can benefit greatly from executive speech coach Nassau County. Pro voice offers therapeutic singing lessons, a singing voice mastery program, and sight-singing instruction. Pro voice also offers services to those who suffer from Parkinson’s, also known as Parkinson’s voice. Pro voice’s skilled and licensed speech-language pathologists team offers individualized treatment for the following communication disorders: Articulation, Fluency, and Tongue Thrust/Reverse Swallowing pattern. Continue reading below to learn more about Sight Singing.

What Is Sight-Singing

Sight-singing is the ability to read and sing music at first sight without instrumental help. Sight-singing requires an individual to play or sing specific rhythms and pitches based on seeing them visually.

How To Practice Sight-Singing

One way to practice sight-singing is by booking an appointment with Pro Voice Care for Sight Singing instruction. Pro Voice Care Center offers the best executive speech coach Nassau County. Pro Voice Care Center designed a comprehensive sight-singing program that can be completed in-person or online. Online singing training is available worldwide. Pro Voice instructors will guide you through the various levels of sight-singing, and in the end, it is guaranteed you will have mastered the art of sight-singing.

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Director Karen Sussman and her team will provide you with voice and speech training customized to your wants and needs. Pro Voice Care Center has worked with clients since 1981 from all over the country, including Jamie Lynn Sigler, Madison Beer, Lisa Matassa, Loreal, and News 12. If you are looking for executive speech coach Nassau County, contact the Professional Voice Care Center today.

singing lessons NYCTherapeutic singing at executive speech coach Nassau County is the act of using music and vocal sounds for physical, emotional, cognitive, or social well-being. Many people find enjoyment in making music or singing as a hobby. There are several methods for improving quality of life through therapeutic singing; one such method involves using songwriting to help others deal with grief. Songwriters use their own life experiences as inspiration for lyrics to help others that may be experiencing similar situations.

Another method of therapeutic singing at executive speech coach Nassau County is the use of songwriting as a coping mechanism. When people face difficult situations, they often write down their feelings and emotions in a journal. Another way that people have used songs as coping mechanisms is the creation of music playlists that highlight happy or upbeat memories from various periods in life to bring peace to those who are grieving or emotionally distressed.

Several techniques in therapeutic singing used at executive speech coach Nassau County involve the use of songwriting for personal growth. Many people find it beneficial to write and perform songs about their own life stories in order to provide a deeper understanding of who they are and what makes them unique as individuals. Songwriters can also benefit from writing songs that detail their struggles, experiences, and motivations, which can lead to increased self-understanding and confidence.

Another way to use singing for personal growth is through the process of sharing songs with others in order to connect more deeply with the listeners. The act of performing music or singing provides a unique space where people can share fragile emotions without fear of judgment. By sharing their stories, people have a chance to connect with others because it allows them to put themselves in other peoples’ shoes.

Songwriting for social change is another way that people use song as a therapeutic tool. Using lyrics as a catalyst for conversation helps singers to raise awareness about issues that are important to them and the community at large.  Songwriters can use their music to promote awareness about various social injustices. These songs can be written about events that have already taken place or things that are still happening currently. 


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If you need executive speech coach Nassau County then contact ProVoice today! Karen Sussman provides therapeutic singing lessons for all. Call today to see how you can benefit! 


Executive speech coach Nassau County has exploded in popularity over the past decade. As a result, there is an increasing number of resources for people who want to learn how to sing. One of the most helpful things about learning how to sing (and speaking more generally) is that your focus increases as your voice becomes stronger and clearer. By singing or speaking loudly, you are strengthening your vocal cords, which in turn creates a stronger voice. The process of strengthening your voice by singing has the added benefit of requiring you to focus on projecting your voice correctly.

Singing can improve your focus because the act of singing demands that you remain focused on what you are doing. As your voice becomes stronger, it is more important than ever to be able to project it clearly and with good tone. It is easy for your attention to start wandering as you sing, since there is no external need for you to sing .It is easier for you to become distracted as you sing. However, by practicing singing consistently and focusing on projecting your voice well while doing it, your attention will become sharpened over time. Executive speech coach Nassau County is increasingly being used in a therapeutic context to help people with a variety of conditions, including attention-deficit disorder. The added benefit of being able to focus better when you learn how to sing can help improve your life in all aspects when singing or speaking becomes part of it.

Executive speech coach Nassau County also has the added psychological benefits of making you feel empowered, especially if you are singing in the context of performance. Singing generally becomes more pleasant over time as your focus sharpens and you become better at it. The act of singing also has an effect on your breathing, which automatically improves how you breathe during everyday speech. Singing can help improve your concentration because it usually takes place in a quiet environment, which forces you to focus if you want to sing well.

Many people have benefitted from the seemingly magical power of singing to improve your focus. Many professional singers perform with exceptionally sharpened attention as a result of their daily practice and training. In addition, many individuals report being able to better absorb information when they are actively listening to a lecture or presentation.

If you would like to improve your focus by singing, sign up for executive speech coach Nassau County. Karen Sussman with Professional Voice Care Center can help you. Call us today! 

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