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What Should I Expect From My First Singing Lesson?

Singing Lessons OnlineAre you interested in starting singing lessons and curious about what to expect? It can be scary to sing in front of strangers, especially if you’ve never done it before. An important thing to keep in mind is that your singing teacher is not there to judge you. Your teacher wants to help you improve and help boost your confidence. At Professional Voice Care Center, your teacher will curate a personalized program for your voice development. We are currently offering convenient singing lessons online! 

What is an Online Singing Session?

Having a singing lesson online is a little different than an in-person lesson, but it is just as effective as in-person sessions! Each instructor has a different way of teaching, but your first singing lesson will mostly involve you and your instructor getting to know one another. Before you start singing, the teacher will most likely ask you:

After getting to know you, your teacher will assess to help them understand how they can help you. You will typically perform vocal exercises and your teacher will also measure your range. After the warmup, you will be asked to sing a song of your choice. You should have a sample prepared before your lesson so you can receive the best feedback. Your teacher will be able to identify the areas that you need help with, and areas you are already good with. While having your first singing lessons online can be a little nerve-wracking, you can be confident that your instructor wants to help you become the best singer you can be! 

Contact Us For Singing Lessons Online

If you are looking to begin singing lessons online, contact Professional Voice Care Center today! Our services include singing lessons, therapeutic singing lessons, sight-singing lessons, and audition and NYSSMA preparation! We also offer speaking voice services! Let us help you achieve your singing goals today!

What Should I Expect From My First Singing Lesson?
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What Should I Expect From My First Singing Lesson?
Your first singing lessons online session should include a series of questions into your vocal history and a warm up from your instructor.
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