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Piano Trax was created to provide an easy and affordable way for singers and performers to work with piano accompaniments without the challenges of getting together in person for a coaching. Enjoy professional accompanist tracks to learn, audition or perform with.
COPA, Inc., College Options in the Performing Arts, is a college advisory service dedicated to helping students and families navigate the college search and application process, with a special focus in the Performing Arts.
The Denice Given Band. The smaller band with the bigger sound. Keeping the smaller budget client in mind. Perfect for all of your catered and public performance events. We play everything, for any event . . . anywhere!
Servicing community theatres and performance groups across Long Island and Queens, the LICTC offers a central repository for audition, performance, and related employment information. LICTC hopes to help local theatres thrive, with assistance and support to create the best possible experience for those in front of the curtain, those behind the curtain and those watching the curtain!
Wesley Beth Reiss, D.O. is a holistic physician on Long Island. Dr. Reiss, treating all ages and all medical concerns, guides her patients back to balance and health – in body, mind, & spirit. She engages her patients’ own powerful self-healing abilities through a close, personal therapeutic relationship. Learn more at her website!
Anna Epstein-Kravis, performing artist and songwriter, offers a wide selection of programs for children and adults. Children’s programs include songs, puppets, audience participation and more. Anna’s solo concerts for adults feature well-loved songs from a wide variety of musical sources, including Anna’s originals. She accompanies herself on electric keyboard. Anna also performs for adults in Sweet Rose Revue, a musical duo with vocalist Janice Buckner, on string bass and guitar.
HearFones(tm) wrap singers in their own sound. Discover the full fidelity of your own voice. Each singer using this revolutionary new tool hears very clearly the real and total sound of his own voice. With HearFones, he hears what he really sounds like –the same voice the audience hears! Soloists will find this tool most useful in their own vocal improvement in any singing style. Speakers use HearFones to monitor their own diction, modulation and delivery. HearFones also find many uses in the Speech and Hearing Therapy fields.