I have been working with Karen Sussman for several weeks after being referred to her by my ENT doctor for persistent hoarseness and a nodule on my vocal cord. My voice quality has improved tremendously! Using her techniques and following her sound advice has allowed me to maintian conversations in social situations without losing my voice immediately, and I no longer experience the frustration I dealt with in those situations. Karen is a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field.She is the consummate professional, and I look forward to each and every session. I learn so much during every enjoyable visit, and have no probelm following her wonderful directions for my home practice. Karen loves what she does. Because of Karen, even though I started out having great difficulty just to speak, I dare to hope that one day I will actually be able to realize my dream of taking singing lessions.

I went to Karen Sussman last February because I had a polyp on my vocal cords . Within 10 sessions of her training and my practice the polyp totally shrunk. She was professional, caring , & a lot of fun( as an aside). I recently had to return because my voice became very raspy again and my visit to the ENT showed the polyp returned. My fault... Stopped her exercises. After 6 new sessions, miraculously the polyp shrunk, voice is clear ... And will continue her exercises because THEY WORK. Highly recommend Karen.

I found Karen Sussman about 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with vocal nodules after 25+ years of teaching elementary vocal music. As a piano major in college I had no real vocal training and after years of developing bad habits while working with large groups of children, I could barely speak without a rasp much less sing. I was terrified I would no longer be able to do my job. Karen was my savior. From my first therapy session I discovered I could sing without strain. It was quite an epiphany. The exercises became part of my daily routine--several times a day--they were my medicine. My nodules actually disappeared after a few months--my ENT couldn't believe it! Last year after parathyroid surgery I felt like I needed a refresher so I went back to Karen for some therapy and this time, I even signed on for some voice lessons! If you are a vocal music teacher who wants to preserve your voice for many years of effortless singing, I would recommend you investigate this great lady who has helped so many of us. . . Not to mention her great sense of humor and her vast knowledge of all different genres of repertoire. Thank you Karen!

Karen Sussman is an absolute joy to work with! Her vocal techniques have helped me tremendously over the last 7+ years and I recommend her to every singer I come across. She is always up to date on vocal exercises that help keep your vocal chords healthy/strong and you can tell immediately how much she genuinely cares for all her students. There is no better voice coach on Long Island than Karen Sussman.