If you’re looking to harness the full potential of your speaking and/or singing voice, I would most highly recommend working with Karen Sussman! Suffering from chronic reflux, hoarseness and vocal cord swelling, I was referred to Karen by my ENT four months ago. Thank goodness! In just a short time, Karen has helped me to learn more about good vocal hygiene, nutrition and how to manage my reflux more effectively. By way of her empirically-based and skillful coaching, Karen has also enabled me to improve the quality of my singing voice with respect to phrasing, breath control, resonance and dynamics. She has provided me with supportive and constructive feedback on performance that has been invaluable. When I developed bronchitis and laryngitis just 5 days before a concert performance, I reached out to Karen for help. Karen was timely and accessible and helped me with additional coaching so that I was able to perform intact and the concert was a great success. Karen is exceptionally engaging, makes learning fun, and is highly proficient as both a speech therapist and vocal coach. What a wonderful and winning combination! Thank you Karen!!!

Karen Sussman is a wonderful, kind, and motivating vocal instructor. She is most concerned with keeping every student singing in the correct and healthy way. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to sing with beautiful and healthy tone. – Kristin Howell, choir director

Karen Sussman, Professional Voice Care Center is THE BEST. I started studying with Karen in 1994 and had lessons once a week for years. She improved my voice. People think that all you do is open your mouth and sing. I learned not only how to correctly warm up my voice, but what to eat or drink before any performance. You are technically an athlete and your vocal chords must be warmed up properly. So thank you Karen for all that you have taught me to get me through performances.

There are certain people in your life that you know you will forever be grateful that you've met. To me, Karen is on the top of that list! Together with my team of specialists in NYC and Massachusetts, I am able to sing again today. Karen is at the top of her profession with regards to her care of the voice and treatment of the individual. She is a singer AND a voice therapist, a combination you don't find AT ALL on Long Island! I am thrilled that she decided to take my case on. I was a singer AND a language teacher with damaged vocal chords, requiring surgery and extensive therapy. With the skills and services I've received from Karen I am able to sing and teach, better than I did before! I remember Karen's words often, "You defied the odds. You were given a second chance." To that I must say, "No, Karen. I was given YOU..."

Karen has been so helpful in my journey to regain both my speaking and singing voice after sustaining a vocal cord injury. I'm ecstatic with the progress I've made since working with Karen over this past year. Karen has a bubbly and upbeat easygoing personality which makes for a comfortable environment. She has provided me with strategies to use at home as well as at work to help protect my speaking and singing voice. Karen is extremely knowledgeable about her area of expertise in the field of speech pathology. She is passionate about helping her clients make progress and improve their quality of life.

Professional Voice Care Center is wonderful! The office is very organized, so scheduling lessons is super easy, which has been a major plus for me with my busy schedule. The owner (Karen Sussman) is an amazing vocal coach and person. During the lessons you can tell she's the type of teacher that truly wants to be working with you. I have always left my lessons feeling inspired and stronger vocally. The information and coaching she has provided has been invaluable, and has proved over and over again that studying with her has been one of my greatest investments. Through her unique and fun exercises, I have built a strong technique. Because of Karen, I have been able to keep my vocal chords healthy and thankfully avoid the trouble that many singers run into. I am so very grateful for her lessons! I am writing a review because I feel strongly that she'll be able to help you too and I like to share things that I'm excited about! So if you're reading this and wondering whether to take lessons, I strongly urge you to call her, you'll be so glad you did!

After a bout of laryngitis that left me unable to participate in communal singing or public reading, I was referred to Karen Sussman by my ENT. And I am so grateful that I was! In less than two months I have regained more use of my voice than I had ever expected. Karen's techniques are so effective and their ease of use leaves no excuse for not practicing! I am grateful to have found this skilled and caring therapist.

How many ways can I thank you? Your singing lessons are more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your extensive knowledge in each of our sessions. I feel truly blessed to have found you, for only in a short period of time I have gained confidence in my vocal abilities and have learned so much more about breath control, flexibility, and all sorts of exercises to prepare me prior to any performance. The space that you create in your studio is both relaxed and serious at the same time, which is exactly what I was looking for. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish I had found you years ago!

I have been training at the Professional Voice Care Center for three years, and it has been absolutely amazing! Karen is the BEST! I started as a little middle schooler with a good voice, but I needed to learn how to use it properly, and allow it to grow. I walked in on my first day, and felt so welcomed by Karen's warm and fun demeanor. Through the years, my voice has grown tremendously. I have a more mature tone, better diction, better breath support, better technique, better interpretation, and most importantly I have learned how to take care of my instrument. I have also improved upon my sight singing, and a general understanding of music theory. With Karen's guidance, I have played several leads in musicals, been in All County many times, auditioned for professional productions, learned extremely difficult aria's, and many more. Overall, I have grown so much as a singer and performer. I am so thankful for her dedication and support. I would love to see others have the same positive experience I have had. I am eager to continue my journey at the Professional Voice Care Center. Thanks so much Karen!

I've had different health struggles in my young life, and very few people who, despite the hardships I had to face, never gave up on me. That's how I feel about Karen. She's one of those people, or who I call my secret angels among other people. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Dysfunction after many terrible episodes (one including an embarrassing hospital visit, after collapsing at my college), and many people who failed to diagnose me, and I began speech therapy at Professional Voice Care Center. Not only was (and is) Karen very friendly, understanding, supportive, and professional, but her kindness, encouragement, and motivation gave me the strength to progress and overcome my VCD, which, before my diagnosis, I felt was nearly impossible to overcome. Karen, through her great character, has also helped me reach colossal milestones in overcoming what I call the great degree of my muscle tension dysphonia, which I was diagnosed with this January of 2017. Prior to my diagnosis, my symptoms caused myself and everyone around me to suspect acid reflux (mainly because of the constant burning sensation I felt in my throat), but if it weren't for my new ENT, Ron Mitzner, I wouldn't have reunited with Karen for help again, so I'm also grateful for him too. I've been in speech therapy for just a little over 3 months, and, I'm already about to graduate! My hoarseness problem has improved 97%, with that occasional 3% annoyance that returns sometimes, I have no more burning sensations or pain in my neck, my vocal range (because I'm also a singer) has mostly been restored (with vocal warm ups and more weeks of doing my therapy exercises, I anticipate for the rest of my range to return), and a HUGE burden has been lifted off of me, thanks to Karen, who is officially my one and only favorite speech therapist!!!! Sometimes, I'm shy in expressing how I feel about how thankful I am for certain people in my life, but I'm glad to be expressing it now, and I believe that my success will make all the difference to people who are still struggling. Don't give up if there is still hope left for your recovery. Karen is one of the hopes out there! :)

I very highly recommend Karen Sussman as a speech therapist and as a voice teacher! She was the second therapist I saw for my vocal nodules and if the therapy did not work I was going to consider surgery or even a career change. I am a music teacher and I use my voice all day long for both speaking and singing. Not only is Karen Sussman a wonderful speech therapist, but she is also a professional singer and voice teacher. She helped me learn techniques and exercises to be a better speaker and singer. I will be forever grateful to Karen for helping me save my voice and my career.