Karen Sussman is amazing. She knows all the tricks of the trade. Just do what she says, and like magic, the voice is there. It is a miracle. I could not be happier. I thought I would be "croaking" the rest of my life. Not only does she know her craft, but she is kind, understanding, professional and a real person who LISTENS to you. Her office staff is also friendly and professional and I am always seen promptly. I have already passed her contact information on to others.

I am a professional singer who had some trouble with my voice's stamina and reliability after menopause. Karen's attention to vocal hygiene, and novel array of easy, gentle exercises gradually shifted my voice to a healthier place and has brought it completely back on line. She not only saved my career, but got me another few notes on top reliably too! Karen is a delightful, compassionate person, keeps up with the latest new techniques and insights, knows her subject, and makes sessions fun.

Karen Sussman is a wonderful Professional. If you have a voice problem, she is the one to see. She will teach you about your voice, give you the tools to help treat your problems, and is passionate about what she does. Did I say that she makes it fun? She helped me so much. She is GREAT!

Karen creates a comfortable and fun environment. My 11 year old daughter enjoys her voice therapy lessons with Karen and actually looks forward to going to the sessions. We have noticed a marked improvement in the quality of my daughter's voice since starting. Karen makes the exercises fun and...more

Some voice therapists are neither familiar with spasmodic dysphonia nor how to treat a patient so afflicted. There is no known cure. In the medical community, the treatment of choice is botox injections directly into the vocal cords. Karen Sussman, a voice therapist with working knowledge of the condition, provided me with vocal and breathing exercises extending the benefits of botox. I no longer feel isolated in group discussions or in noisy venues. Professional and fun to work with.