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Can I Still Sing With Allergies?

singing lessons in HuntingtonAllergy season is a nuisance. Scratchy throat and a stuffy nose, amongst other pesky symptoms, are aggravating to deal with amid our daily routine. If you sing, allergies can make it challenging to perform well. Allergy symptoms affect our breathing, tone, and vocal cord strength. Fortunately, you can still sing well while experiencing allergy symptoms! Taking extra care of your vocal cords as you suffer from allergy symptoms will help you sing at your best despite how you feel. If you’re looking for singing lessons in Huntington, Professional Voice Care Center is capable of honing your vocal abilities, even while dealing with allergies.


How Allergies Affect Singing

Allergy symptoms are bothersome. If you’re a singer, they wreak havoc on your voice and prevent you from singing at your best. The symptoms you experience can lead to a hoarse or raspy voice that lowers the quality of your tone. Nasal congestion directly impacts your breathing, and breathing control is essential to singing skillfully. Allergies can also lead to:

These symptoms impact the vocal cords as well. They can leave your voice sounding weak or hoarse. The good news is you can still sing clearly while dealing with these frustrations.


How to Push Through Singing With Allergies

For many of us, allergy symptoms are inevitable. For singers, there are ways you can protect your voice. Here are some steps you can take to do so:

These are just a few of the several steps you can take to help protect your voice when dealing with allergies. For more on these tips, see here


Professional Voice Care Center: Singing Lessons in Huntington

You can still sing even while allergies are dragging you down. You can sing very well even when allergies are constantly flaring up. Taking extra steps to manage your voice is key to avoiding hoarseness or raspiness. These steps also help you control your breathing so you can sing as proudly as possible. If you’re looking for singing lessons in Huntington and have more questions about allergies and singing, contact us at Professional Voice Care Center to get the answers you need.

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