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Singing Lessons in Merrick

singing lessons in MerrickThe rise of social media is creating opportunities for singers to become discovered. Sussman Professional Voice Care Center provides online voice training lessons. If you are looking for singing lessons in Merrick, join our team and improve your singing voice. Let us help you continue your passion and follow your dreams. 

Who is Karen Sussman?

Karen Sussman is a vocologist who works with distinguished and amateur singers to improve the quality of their singing voice. She is a voice instructor and has won numerous awards. She has trained over 12,000 people since her start in 1981. 

Past Well-Known Clients.

Our clients have started their careers working with the Professional Voice Care Center. She has trained artists such as Madison Beer, Hoodie Allen, and other broadway actresses such as Blair Goldberg and Jamie Lynn Sigler.

The Importance of Singing Lessons in Merrick.

It is common for singers to overuse and strains their vocal cords. Like any athlete, the vocal cords are a muscle that needs to be strengthened and warmed up before performing. The lack of vocal exercises can cause further damage. Click here to learn more about the risks of overstraining vocal cords. 

What Services Do We Offer?

Whether you are just starting or are an experienced singer, we have programs for you. Our team wants to help you improve and be the best you can be. Gaining confidence and improving technique will prepare you for any performance. Here are some of our singing programs:

Other Services.

It is important to notice when your voice requires therapy. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, vocal fatigue, vocal strain, or increased effort to produce voice, we have voice therapy. Our licensed speech pathologist will examine your vocal function to create an individual program for rehabilitation.

Contact Sussman Professional Voice Care Center.

If you are looking for singing lessons in Merrick, go to our website to fill out an application. Our team wants to help you improve your singing and increase your confidence to perform your best. Contact our office today if you are interested at (516)-433-1822

Some of the best experiences we have with music are singing at the top of your lungs while driving. Whether this experience is shared with friends or alone, singing is something that makes us feel good. No matter how good or bad of a singer you are, singing can put anyone in a good mood. Among all the great things that singing is, who knew that singing could also help us with our health and memory? At the Professional Voice Care Center, we are dedicated to helping patients with professional voice care.

singing lessons in Merrick

10 Health Benefits of Singing You May Have Never Know About:

  1. Releases Stress
  2. Stimulates the Immune Response
  3. Increases Pain Threshold
  4. May Improve Snoring
  5. Improves Lung Function
  6. Belonging and Connection
  7. Enhances Memory in People With Dementia
  8. Helps with Grief
  9. Improves Mental Health and Mood
  10. Helps Improve Speaking Abilities


These are just some examples of how beneficial singing is for overall health. It is also important to mention that none of these health benefits require one to be “good” at singing. One of the most interesting benefits of all would be benefit number seven, stating that singing improves overall memory. 


How Does Singing Help Dementia/ Alzheimer’s  Patients with their Memory?


Those who have Dementia and suffer from the gradual loss of memory can remember song lyrics much easier than other words. Some people who have Alzheimer’s disease can remember life memories and have spur-of-the-moment flashbacks brought on by singing. The memories and bits of information they remember are things that once were thought to be gone forever.


Singing and music allow patients to develop sound memories that help our minds connect to emotions and moments in our lives. Singing lessons in Merrick can help you become a better singer and aid healthy habits that will help a person’s overall well-being. It is important to develop healthy habits, and what a better place to start than by learning from the best!


Singing lessons in Merrick are beneficial to people of all ages and allow them to unlock certain skills and the potential they did not know they had before. Much like exercise, singing is a very healthy way that can help improve one’s overall health and wellbeing. Sussman is dedicated to giving you the best vocal therapy, and developing an individual’s singing needs and desires.


Contact Information and Website For Singing Lessons in Merrick


As you can see, singing is quite amazing. Sussman’s singing lessons in Merrick are always willing to answer all your questions about singing health benefits! Visit our website for more information on how to schedule appointments and start developing your voice today!

How Can Singing Lessons in Merrick Help You?

No matter what your age is, you can always benefit from the joys and beginnings of singing lessons. That goes for seasoned singers or those who have never belted a note in their life. Our specialists here at Professional Voice Care Center make learning singing engaging and legitimately interesting. And now, from the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to take out singing lessons in Merrick, which comes especially handy during the uncertainty of the pandemic. With singing lessons made easy, there’s no reason not to give a shot and see what you can learn. With the number of opportunities learning a new skill as singing can bring into your life, we hope you chose our variety of services to aid you in your voice journey.

singing lessons in MerrickIs there an age restriction on taking singing lessons?

Likewise, when learning something like singing, many patrons of ours first had concerns about their age and their ability to learn. It’s common for most people to think it’s easier to learn musical performance skills when you’re younger compared to when you’re older. That notion, coupled with the time constraints that come from work and life once you’ve grown, might leave people skeptical about learning to employ their voice as a musical instrument. However, we at the Professional Voice Care Center side with the line of thinking that puts determination in front of age as the main determining factor for someone’s lesson performance. Whether you choose to take singing lessons in Merrick or in-person, we can assure you that as long as you stay determined, there is no age restriction on signing lessons.

No Age Restriction for Singing Lessons

Understanding that there is no age restriction is important to realize the numerous benefits that come with learning to sing. Our specialist chose to cater to all age groups because they understand the benefits of our singing lessons in Merrick. That being said, here are some of the best examples they have told us:

Contact Us For Singing Lessons in Merrick!

From these examples and more, we can learn that there is no reason not to try singing, regardless of your age. Contact the Professional Voice Care Center today to learn more about how our singing lessons in Merrick can help you! We look forward to working with you! 


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