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Amy Horecki

By : on : September 10, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Amy Horecki)

Karen Sussman is an enthusiastic and well informed voice therapist who has helped me with extreme hoarseness due to a polyp on my vocal cords which occurred after a prolonged period of coughing and using inhalants. My EN&T Doctor referred me to her. Karen saw me for only 5 sessions and actually told me that I didn’t need to come anymore because of the progress I made in her care. I found this to be unusually honest. The polyp on my vocal cords has remarkably left and I am no longer hoarse. My voice has returned to its natural timber and is no longer deep and hoarse sounding. Her recommendations for helpful products are spot on. I ordered the steamer. Alkazone drops, and throat lozenges that she recommended and am quite satisfied. Bravo Karen, thank you for all your help.
Amy Rosenstein, Psychotherapist

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