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Kerin Siani

By : on : September 10, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Kerin Siani)

My 15 year old son, who is a performer, was referred to Karen Sussman by more than one well regarded medical professional in the ENT and Laryngology field for some potential voice issues. Luckily, there were no major issues and Karen was a big part of putting our minds at ease in that regard. My son continued with Karen for vocal training to improve his singing voice and to learn techniques that would ensure he didn’t harm his voice with bad habits. With Karen’s pleasant, humorous and easy-going style, he learned quickly and the techniques have really stuck with him. He has had a few different vocal coaches prior to Karen, but she opened up a whole other level of though and process to help him enrich his voice. None of his other coaches come close to the technical expertise that Karen imparts on so many levels not only to enhance but to care for the voice. With her assistance, my son successfully auditioned for and then portrayed Mark Cohen in RENT. He caught the attention of an agent who represents youth talent in NY, LA, Chicago and Atlanta. Needless to say, life is, unexpectedly, very busy. We are thankful to Karen. We miss her but we are also comforted to know that she is there (and with even more enhance professional credentials) to work with my son again in the future. Thank you Karen!

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