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What is Distance Learning?

Are you musically inclined? Does your voice bring the gaze and focus on you? Singing has always been known as one way to touch the hearts of many. But, just like anything in life it has to be maintained, practiced, and taken care of. Come and visit the Professional Voice Care Center and see how we can help you today! The pandemic has restricted the way we could once sing in the open. Until life goes back to fewer limitations let us help you practice singing from a distance. Here at Professional Voice Care Center, we offer the best distance singing lessons in Long Island! 

What is Distance Learning?

Music is one of the oldest forms of art we know. It is the essence of our cultural life and practically everywhere and anywhere. Making music is beyond tradition and more many are the core of their lifestyle. Singing in particular is the most simplistic approach to music which connects people of all ages. It brings together words, emotions, feelings, and people. Being that we live in this day, age, and worldwide pandemic, singing is said to be riskier than staying silent. Projecting your voice can send droplets to up to 3 to 4 feet and leave falling to surfaces and staying in the room for about up to an hour.  It is said that the journey of the extent of infectious is unclear but guidelines recommend singing from a distance. Singing from a distance meaning: no longer gathering in group settings to sing and no choir/chorus rehearsals. The pandemic may have taken a lot away from us but that does not mean you have to stop singing. You can always focus and work on your voice!

As a singer your vocal cords either make or break your performance. They are the instruments that allow you to reach your full range, produce a tuneful sound. Here a few tips to keep in mind when trying to maintain your voice. 

Tips for Vocal Health: 

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At Professional Voice Care Center, we are here to provide the best voice, speaking, singing services. Being the pandemic, we have mastered the art of online educating and offer the most efficient distance singing lessons in Long Island! Our highly qualified staff includes Mr. Laws, an accomplished performing and teaching professional, and Mr. Mallardo, a theatre voice professor and profound instrumental musician. Both teaching and educating talent of all ages. All our services provided are convenient, effective, interactive, and online adaptable. Services include:

If you have any questions about distance singing lessons in Long Island, feel free to reach out! We are always here to answer all your questions!

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