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What Is Accent Modification Therapy?


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One’s accent can make engaging with others frustrating. Whether it be at the workplace, at school, or trying to order at a restaurant, having to repeat yourself multiple times to be understood may discourage you. While an accent can represent who you are and is something to be proud of, visiting a speech pathologist for singing lessons in Huntington; close to Hicksville, can help modify your accent to change the way you say words. Professional Voice Care Center is here to guide your voice to suit your needs.


Why Modify Your Accent With Singing Lessons In Huntington?

Whether showing your regional or national origin, your accent can show a lot about who you are. While those who share your origin and accent may be easy to communicate with, as you venture outside of your respective area, people may have difficulty understanding you. This means that others could be focusing more on your accent than your message, which is incredibly frustrating, as communication is a main part of life.


You may decide to change your accent minimally or drastically depending on your plan for connecting with a speech pathologist. With lots of practice and guidance, communication can become something more enjoyable than stressful. Everyone deserves to be understood and engage with others in a real way.


What Is Accent Modification Therapy?

At our center, which provides singing lessons in Huntington, about a half hour away from Hicksville; we offer the Compton P-ESL Foreign Accent Improvement Program. Being guided by an expert in the field, you can reach your accent goals. We work with your current pronunciation to incorporate target sounds into your speech. With time, instruction, and precise practice, you can find yourself hitting your ideal sounds. This is a very comprehensive program, which includes:



Pro Voice Care Center: Singing Lessons In Huntington

Working with a Pro Voice Care Center speech-language pathologist who has been trained by the Institute of Language and Phonology can help you reach your speech goals through the use of accent modification therapy. We offer singing lessons in Huntington, with our main office located in Hicksville; as well as voice-related services. Contact us to book an appointment.

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