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What Is Therapeutic Singing?

singing lessons in WoodburyStruggling with a voice disorder? Having difficulty in getting your words across can be incredibly frustrating, for it puts a limit on self-expression. Voice therapy is a very useful treatment technique. Often working on breath skills to improve vocal range, flexibility, and endurance, voice therapy can be incredibly effective. Unfortunately, traditional voice therapy’s success relies on the patient consistently doing their homework. With this step missing, they may see no progress. However, therapeutic singing is a form of voice therapy that can bring about success for a wide range of patients. Starting singing lessons in Woodbury to engage in therapeutic singing is easy with our unique program at ProVoice Care Center in Hicksville!


What is Therapeutic Singing?

Therapeutic singing is a form of voice therapy that strays away from its traditional form by using the voice differently. The usage of voice when singing is very similar to what is taught to those in voice therapy, and, by use of singing, improvements can be made to one’s range of voice and coordination of their breathing and speaking. Just as a song may call for a change in volume or a controlled breath at certain points, voice therapy works to target similar skills.


It is also important to note that therapeutic singing can be very helpful to those already taking singing lessons in Woodbury at our Hicksville office to work on their singing voice. As a singer, voice lessons are very common to improve range, tone quality, and artistic elements. However, voice lessons can also benefit singers dealing with vocal problems. Therapeutic singing lessons will provide techniques to reduce issues and improve singing quality. Lessons may also be recorded to continue practice at home.


What are the Benefits of Therapeutic Singing?

The main benefits of engaging in therapeutic singing are the improvements made to one’s vocal range, breathing and speaking coordination, vocal projection, and breath control. It will also assist in decreasing any vocally-damaging behaviors. As for singers, tone quality, power, and vocal stamina are additional benefits relevant to their art. These are not the only benefits of therapeutic singing, however. Many speech-language pathologists actually recommend adding therapeutic singing to the voice therapy paths of those with neurological or medical conditions. Other notable benefits of therapeutic singing include improvements in:


  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Tension due to neck strain
  • Stress
  • Mental Health
  • Memory
  • Lung function


ProVoice Care Center’s Singing Lessons in Woodbury

ProVoice Care Center offers therapeutic singing as a service to help those suffering from vocal problems. As a part of our “Therapeutic Singing Lessons” program, we can help improve your voice and reduce harmful vocal behaviors. Offering both in-person and interactive online options for singing lessons in Woodbury, we are here to help you reach your goals! Contact us today to schedule a session!

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