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About Our Center

Welcome to the Professional Voice Care Center, where our mission is to create or restore excellent voices, both speaking and singing. Our Hicksville, N.Y. facility offers state-of-the-art care via onsite services, as well as interactive online platforms to service the unique needs of those who depend on their voices for their livelihood. Individuals in this category include performers (i.e. singers, actors, broadcasters, etc.), teachers, executives, attorneys, salespeople, lecturers, customer service representatives, and anyone else who uses his/her voice in a professional setting. Services include Voice Therapy, Singing Instruction, Audition Preparation, foreign and regional Accent Modification, and Executive Speech Training. Our unique Therapeutic Singing Lessons are custom-tailored to meet the needs of singers with voice problems. We offer services for Parkinson’s Voice, Gender-Affirming Voice Training, and Vocal Image Enhancement. Now more than ever, our Online Voice Preservation Training will help keep your voice healthy and functioning at peak performance during hours of online video-conferencing, meetings, or teaching. We focus on the prevention of vocal problems while improving voice skills through a customized program of phonotrauma reduction and vocal hygiene (i.e., vocal conservation, hydration, avoidance of over-drying medications and caffeine, establishment of anti-reflux regimens, etc.).

 Additionally, our staff of licensed and certified speech-language pathologists offers evaluation and individualized treatment for Tongue Thrust/Reverse Swallowing Pattern/Myofunctional Many health insurance companies reimburse for covered speech, voice, and myofunctional therapy services. Our Center participates in numerous insurance plans. Click here to learn more about the health insurance plans we participate in.

We are licensed to provide speech and voice therapy services throughout NY and CA; our online singing training is available worldwide. All services are available for ages 5 through adult.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your voice-oriented goals.

When you think excellence in voice and speech, think Professional Voice Care Center – the premier online voice training and therapy center for Long Island and beyond!

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