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Marilyn Freed

I was referred to Karen by my ENT doctor. I had a polyp on my vocal cords and my voice

Ivo Antoniazzi

After 40 years of teaching in higher education, 20 of which, at a prestigious Ivy League School, I found myself

Elyssa Pascarella

Karen is amazing and helped me to bring my voice back. Being a teacher, my voice is my tool and

Louise Stephenson

I regained my normal voice after surgery with vocal therapy. Dr. Karen was very creative with techniques to strengthen my

Ava Horn

I’ve learned more from only a few lessons with Karen than many lessons with other voice teachers. She is a

Cynthia Ramos

I very highly recommend Karen Sussman as a speech therapist and as a voice teacher! She was the second therapist

Billy Recce

Beyond receiving nearly six years of brilliant training from Karen Sussman and the Professional Voice Care Center, working with Karen

Joanne T

The Professional Voice Care Center has worked wonders with my seven year old daughter who suffers from vocal nodules, as

Aleksandra Drobnicka

Professional Voice Care Center is the best place to learn how to use your vocal court . No matter if

Peter Kletchka

I was referred to Karen after learning that I required vocal cord surgery for the removal of a polyp. Karen

Melissa Baker

Karen is absolutely amazing to work with. Word’s cannot express the gratitude I have for her & the help she

Brad Gordon

Karen is the best around. I’ve been a student/patient of hers actually throughout life! From singing lessons to the most

Tom Pantaleo

I am a professional announcer, voice over artist and drum and sing with a band, I found out recently after

Alayna Lutz

I saw Karen because I had chronic hoarseness and finally an ENT recommended I try voice therapy. I am not

Nick Febreeze

For any issues affecting vocal chords that require voice training, Karen Sussman is the person to see. For medical issues

Roni Ackner

I worked with Karen on voice feminization and in less than six months I was consistently getting gendered correctly on

LG Singer

Professional Voice Care Center is wonderful! The office is very organized, so scheduling lessons is super easy, which has been

Jennifer Mirabelli

I officially graduated from voice therapy today, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I went to Karen after

Michelina Celli

After years of struggling with reflux, congestion, hoarseness, limited breath control, limited range, severe jaw and neck tension and stamina,

Kailey Murphy

Karen is a gifted and charismatic voice therapist with an uplifting spirit. She has guided me on my path to

Lisa Friedman

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Karen. She is incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful. She makes the activities fun and

Luci Cabrera

Karen was a God send! She’s not only very experienced, knowledgeable and professional, but also quite funny and the sessions

Kristin Howell

Karen Sussman is a wonderful, kind, and motivating vocal instructor. She is most concerned with keeping every student singing in

Krista DiMeglio

I was given a diagnosis. A cyst on my left vocal cord and trauma from it hitting my right vocal

Gia Margaret

Karen has been an absolute guardian angel when it comes to my vocal health. In 2019 I suffered from debilitating

Katie Smith

I was really struggling with my voice, and Karen made me feel validated and helped me create a routine that

John Cronin

As a NYS licensed professional engineer suffering from laryngopharyngeal reflux (silent reflux), I well appreciated that Karen’s methods are rooted

Linda Sussman

How many ways can I thank you? Your singing lessons are more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you

Robert Axel

I want to thank you Karen Sussman for the very important interventional and healing work you did with me and

Iris Schachter

I was diagnosed with atrophied vocal cords and I was constantly being asked to repeat what I said. My singing

Clara Brooks

I’ve had different health struggles in my young life, and very few people who, despite the hardships I had to

Max Henin

Karen Sussman is amazing at helping me reach my vocal goals. She is fun, energetic, lighthearted, caring, and talented. She

Rosemarie Scalese

Karen creates a wonderful, warm, and inviting therapeutic environment. After my vocal surgery, Karen helped me not only regain my

Vickie Matheis

After suffering with unexplained laryngitis and two visits to an ENT and laryngologist, I finally landed at ProVoiceCare with Karen

Dannielle A

Karen was so patient, knowledgable and fun! She gives you a ton of information and excerscies to get you where

Gabrielle B

I have been training at the Professional Voice Care Center for three years, and it has been absolutely amazing! Karen

Sr Marguerite

After a bout of laryngitis that left me unable to participate in communal singing or public reading, I was referred

I Am Tim

Taking vocal lessons at the Professional Voice Care Center is a decision I’m very pleased with. I came in looking

Tiger Illie

I am a Cantor in a synagogue and I have been taking voice lessons with Karen for years. She is

Amy Horecki

Karen Sussman is an enthusiastic and well informed voice therapist who has helped me with extreme hoarseness due to a

Drive Quartet

I am a busy mom of three young teens and have enjoyed singing competitively in a barbershop style quartet and

Jeffrey Unger

Our daughter has been going to Professional Voice Care for over six years and the results have been amazing. She

Ellen Ladau

I had a severe respiratory virus in Sept. 22 ( not covid) and developed significant laryngitis- eventually diagnosed as vocal

Sal Ragolia

My daughter is an aspiring stage performer and was referred to The Professional Voice Care Center by her ENT due

Kerin Siani

My 15 year old son, who is a performer, was referred to Karen Sussman by more than one well regarded

Jennifer Hatz

Karen Sussman is amazing! Not only for voice lessons, but for all voice box related concerns – she helped my

Jessica Molof

My mom lost her voice and went to a voice therapist Karen Sussman in Hicksville. She feels so blessed. Karen

Arthur Raisfeld

Fantastic singing teacher! I have had many singing teachers over the years and Karen is by far the best. With

Ellen Shuriff

Karen has been so helpful in my journey to regain both my speaking and singing voice after sustaining a vocal

Mehboob Hoque

I have attended 5 vocal theraphy session with Dr. Karen Sussman and it was definitely a big impact of my

Rosanna Vinti

I am so happy we were recommended to Karen Sussman. She helped my son with his vocal cord dysfunction. He

Chris Barreca

I am writing this from my friend Charles, who is a patient of Dr. Sussman the experience she had at

Danielle Sharon

Karen is an extremely knowledgeable, courteous, personable and all around awesome clinician! I started seeing Karen a few months after

Laura Tucker

I had such an awesome experience working with Dr. Sussman! I’ve noticed major improvement in my voice. I used to

Mark Sperandeo

As a music enthusiast and someone who has been performing for well over a decade with no formal training I

Annette Brown

Twice I strained my vocal cords and I almost developed polyps. My profession depended on my voice, plus my singing

Louis Serrapica

The very professional, and comprehensive care pertaining to my voice issues I would rate at 5 stars. Karen Sussman, the

Julie Davo

Such a wonderful program. Karen helped me to heal my voice and get into my DREAM college. So grateful to

Kristine Sottile

“Karen changed my life! I was in a very bad place vocally after COVID. I coughed for 4 months which

Su Annunziata

Karen has been a blessing! We came to her after a friend’s recommendation and she has been teaching my daughter

Anthony Macchiarulo

Karen was able to provide my son with the strategies he needed on order to not only protect his vocal

Steph Haas

Karen is truly the best in her field. She is constantly on top of the newest strategies for speaking, singing

Christopher F. Bellistri

Karen began working with my son less than one year ago, and the results have been amazing. We are so

Kimberly Corona

Karen Sussman is fantastic. I worked with her for several months after my ENT referred her from having a pseudo-cyst

Drew Velting

If you’re looking to harness the full potential of your speaking and/or singing voice, I would most highly recommend working

Carolee Passaro

I was referred to Karen Sussman by my otolaryngologist due to vocal cord paralysis. Due to COVID our visits were

Jeanette Pincus

Karen Sussman completely changed my life. I was a singer who kept getting nodes on and off for years and

Christine Weber

Karen helped me recover my speaking voice from a very serious complication of throat surgery. She helped me recover from

Bonnie Masi

Karen is a dear friend and I have appreciated not only her friendship but her extensive knowledge on how the

Lisa Matassa

Karen Sussman is an absolute joy to work with! Her vocal techniques have helped me tremendously over the last 7+

Freyda Konigsberg Kolinsky

I have been working with Karen Sussman for several weeks after being referred to her by my ENT doctor for

Joel Portnoy, MD

As a voice and swallowing expert, it is critical that my patients receive the best instruction and guidance. I recommend

Marielle Greguski

If you’re having any kind of vocal problems, look NO further. Karen is a godsend. On top of being knowledgeable

Kitty Gill

Karen was, and is my voice coach. She has taken me on a journey of confidence and strength. I use

Kimberly Elizabeth

Karen Sussman is fantastic. I worked with her for several months after my ENT referred her from having a pseudo-cyst

Wynne Wilder

Karen Sussman has helped me significantly enhance vocal quality, clarity, and consistency. As an acting professional, I have found her

Beth Leshner Garner

I found Karen Sussman about 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with vocal nodules after 25+ years of teaching

Joann Perciavalle-Nami

After being diagnosed with a callus on my left vocal cord by a local ENT, I was referred to Karen

Marc Tumminelli

Karen is just brilliant! I recommend so many of my students to Karen! She is just the kindest most talented

Dr. Donna Riley

Karen is compassionate and professional. She helped me

Justin Barilla

Professional Voice Care Center has been a Godsend for me! Back in November, I was diagnosed with a polyp on

Cynthia Ramos

Karen Sussman is a wonderful voice therapist. I am a singer and a music teacher who just had surgery on

Liz Whitman Kures

I went to Karen Sussman last February because I had a polyp on my vocal cords . Within 10 sessions

Karen Peterson-Goldman

I lost my voice from a flu-like virus; the unusual part was that it did not return after I recovered.

Elizabeth Henshaw Carver

Hi Karen Look forward to getting back to my Voice Classes ! You are the only Lady that can Professionally

Cynthia Brill-Urio

Karen is wonderful! She can make miracles if you put in the effort. Very knowledgeable, helpful and worth every penny!

Edward Gewirtz

Some voice therapists are neither familiar with spasmodic dysphonia nor how to treat a patient so afflicted. There is no

Maria P

I was referred to Karen by an ENT in Manhattan. I had a constant cough and little to no voice.

Karen Sussman is amazing. She knows all the tricks of the trade. Just do what she says, and like magic,

Karen has been working with my teen-aged daughter for over 5 years. Since the outset, Karen has been warm, engaging

Karen creates a comfortable and fun environment. My 11 year old daughter enjoys her voice therapy lessons with Karen and

April Lindevald

I am a professional singer who had some trouble with my voice’s stamina and reliability after menopause. Karen’s attention to

H. Crocco

Karen is dynamic and easy to talk to. She is able to assess and make a treatment plan that addresses

Allan Pifko

Karen Sussman is a wonderful Professional. If you have a voice problem, she is the one to see. She will

Karen Sussman is a wonder. I came to her in December with no voice due to medical issues. I was

Janice Albury-Wright

Karen worked with me for two months to help me deal with some deficits incurred after a tracheostomy. While certain


As an elderly choral singer, with a lifetime of sporadic but high quality vocal training , I had been finding

I have been a patient for Karen Sussman for many years. I have suffered from chronic cough intermittently. Karen recommended

I would highly recommend Karen Sussman! She is an excellent therapist and a warm and caring professional! Her vast knowledge

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