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Can Singing Make Me Smarter?

celebrity vocal coach NYCThere is a saying that goes “Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it!” This certainly rings true in the case of singing and brainpower. How does this happen? Well it is believed that the moment a person begins to sing their brain receives another workout thanks to music. It can be a good idea for anyone wanting to increase their memory and become smarter to start singing. Professional Voice Care Center, celebrity vocal coach NYC, can help you begin your singing lessons today.

Studies have shown that everyone has the ability to sing. Some people are just not comfortable with the sound of their own voice, that’s all. However, when getting started in singing it is often necessary for one to take up lessons with a celebrity vocal coach NYC.

The moment we begin to sing we find our brain is activated in a way that it may not be used to, nor fully understand, at first. If this is done for about 15 minutes a day you should slowly get used to the increased activity and will be able to handle it better over time. With this increase in brain activity it will only continue to improve and you should notice that your memory improves dramatically.

Some of the benefits of singing are reduced stress, improved tone, respiratory function and even posture! Some studies show that regular sessions of singing can also reduce blood pressure; all while increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Singing can make you smarter by  naturally raising brain activity. It is one of the best exercises for your brain, but remember that too much can cause strain. One or two sessions a day are just right to see results!

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Who knew taking part in such an activity can benefit a person so much. If you love singing, check out Professional Voice Care Centercelebrity vocal coach NYC  today. Not only will you improve your voice, it will benefit your brain- allowing you to become smarter. Call Karen Sussman today at 516-433- 1822 to start your singing lessons. You may not have known how beneficial signing was to you in /future, but now you do. So start your singing journey today.



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