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How Anxiety Affects Your Voice

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Anxiety is a common issue that affects our daily lives. You might feel anxious, nervous, or sad. In reality, this is very common. Whether you are speaking to an individual or an audience, it is important to be stress-free if you want to have a professional demeanor. At the Professional Voice Care Center, our voice lessons online will help you enhance your communication skills. 

How does Anxiety Affect Your Voice?

  Everyone experiences different symptoms while in a state of anxiety. Most people won’t notice their speech and body language simply because of the fact they are focused on the “what-ifs.” Symptoms of anxiety vary:


  According to experts, anxiety can also trigger vocal cord dysfunction, which causes asthmas-like symptoms. Although associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease, anxiety has been highly linked to vocal cord dysfunction. Your vocal cords are located over the airway of your larynx, also known as the voice box. When triggered, your vocal cords will close as you inhale, making it difficult to breathe. Thus, leading to a struggle in breathing or talking.


           At the Professional Voice Care Center, our voice lessons online are guaranteed to accommodate your needs. Depending on the condition, there are a variety of treatments available to improve communication skills. These include:


  Anxiety is a 24/7 revolving door for people. An effective way to de-stress your voice is by performing a circumlaryngeal massage on yourself. When stressed, muscle tension increases, causing discomfort. To reduce the tension, feel out your thyroid cartilage and start a circular massage in the indentation. If you feel soreness, gently massage. Learning this massage from voice lessons online will help you feel confident without worrying about how you will sound.

Professional Voice Care Center- Voice Lessons Online

           Don’t let anxiety and stress affect your daily life. At the Professional Voice Care Center, we are here to help you enhance your speech, communication skills, and vocal function. Our voice lessons online will help you manage your stressed voice triggers. Contact us now to schedule your voice lessons online.


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