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Executive Speech Skills

executive speech skillsThe Importance of Executive Speech Skills.

As an executive, attorney, salesperson, lecturer, or instructor, you are often called upon to make presentations.  However, even though you have thorough knowledge of the subject matter, your look is sharp, and you understand the client’s/audience’s needs, moments into the presentation you feel as if you’re not connecting.  Chances are there may be a problem with your voice.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, listeners are affected by your voice and speech patterns.  (Studies haves shown that the way your voice sounds is over five times more important than the content of your presentation, in terms of the impact you have on your listening audience!)

At the Professional Voice Care Center, a licensed speech-language pathologist works one-on-one with you to enhance your communication skills.  You will learn to be more conscious of how you speak and what words you use.  Accents, voice quality and pitch, even body language, gestures, and facial expression can be adjusted, using a combination of audio and video feedback.  We’ll offer you suggestions for overcoming nervousness, adding passion and pizzazz to your presentation style, and additional tips to improve public speaking skills.  You’ll be on your way to becoming the dynamic, powerful, and commanding speaker you’ve always wanted to be.  Let communication skills be a key, not a barrier, to your professional success.

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