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Singers’ Injuries

Are you searching for singing lessons in Nassau County? Pro Voice Care can help! Losing your voice can be frustrating, even if it’s only for a few days after a cold or after using it too much the day before. For a singer, losing your voice can be more than just frustrating; it can be career-ending. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur singer, the thought of hurting your vocal cords in some way can deter you from participating in events or from singing and speaking as frequently as you want.

Since our voice is one of our most distinguishable assets, it’s important to take quality care of it and be aware of the correct methods to employ while singing. If you’re interested in receiving singing lessons in Nassau County, contact Pro Voice Care and save yourself from future injury!

Types of Vocal Injuries

There are several ways that you can injure your vocal cords when overdoing it or singing incorrectly. Some of the most common injuries include:

What Causes Vocal Injury?

Over-singing, straining, or singing incorrectly can cause injury to your vocal cords.  This sometimes can result in several days of resting or potentially something even greater, such as surgery, or the recommendation to stop singing altogether. Some may think they don’t need a vocal coach or that their voice is already the best it can be, however, this is a huge mistake. A professional vocal coach can teach you the best methods for utilizing your voice, can monitor the general well-being of your vocal cords and can instruct you on ways to not only keep your voice healthy but to improve sound and talent.  If you are searching for singing lessons in Nassau County then Pro Voice Care is the place for you!

Singing Lessons in Nassau County

Our specialized vocal coach can offer you the most professional, quality training in order to keep your voice in tiptop shape and keep you injury-free. We offer singing lessons in Nassau County, voice therapy, audition preparation, voice modification, and vocal health guidance. Contact us today at Pro Voice Care to see what we can offer you!

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