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Tackling Muscle Tension Dysphonia

By : on : April 27, 2021 comments : (Comments Off on Tackling Muscle Tension Dysphonia)

One of the most common diagnoses that we treat at the Professional Voice Care Center is muscle tension dysphonia, or MTD. MTD is a change in the way the voice sounds or feels due to excessive muscle tension in and around the larynx (the “voicebox”). MTD is considered a functional dysphonia: those muscles become tense as a compensatory reaction to a stressor or irritating factor: a cold, reflux, environmental irritants, or even stress itself.

In this “Live” segment, celebrity vocologist Karen Sussman, MA, CCC-SLP discusses signs and symptoms of MTD, how this vexing condition is diagnosed, and even gives us some quick techniques to combat it.

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