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Brad Gordon

By : on : November 21, 2023 comments : (Comments Off on Brad Gordon)

Karen is the best around. I’ve been a student/patient of hers actually throughout life! From singing lessons to the most debilitating vocal use pain, Karen excels at every aspect of voice care. She’s also one of the kindest and funniest people I know!! When my health crisis began a few years ago, unfortunately the doctors couldn’t figure out the root cause, but Karen tried everything possible to help get me out of pain and never gave up. It wasn’t until my root cause was found (craniocervical instability) and treated a couple of years later, that I was able to get out of pain. I recently came back to Karen for some refresher sessions, now that I’m back to teaching after 2 years of being on disability and her support, tips and training has helped me get used to using my voice full time again without and fatigue/pain! Every session I’m astounded at how many tricks, tips and strategies Karen has to show me. Now that my speaking voice is better I hope to go back for singing lessons in the future! The only downfall of “graduating” and improving is not having my weekly dose of Karen haha, but I know her door is always open if needed! Thanks for everything!! 😁❤️🙏.

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