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Jennifer Catriana

By : on : June 26, 2024 comments : (Comments Off on Jennifer Catriana)

Attention, teachers!

Asthma, esophageal reflux, reading to the visually impaired plus years of full time teaching had done a real number on my voice, making it raspy, limited in range, and unreliable, with days of total laryngitis every year.

Karen thoroughly assessed the situation and then taught me a variety of scientifically based exercises and techniques that really work!

Before Karen, I could read aloud a maximum of 15 minutes before having a coughing fit and gasping for air. Now, thanks to Karen, as long as I do the daily practices I can read aloud comfortably for 2.5 hour stretches, I’m far less reliant on asthma medication, and my breathing has strengthened to the point that even after a fall with painfully bruised ribs, I knew how to belly breathe without overly stressing my rib cage while healing.

Karen is a true professional, but the sessions are anything but dry. She is very motivating, and her warm personality and sense of humor make the work entertaining and enjoyable.

I 100% recommend seeing Karen for any problems you’ve been having with your voice. You will be amazed at the improvement you feel and hear in just a few weeks!

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