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Karen Peterson-Goldman

By : on : September 10, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Karen Peterson-Goldman)

I lost my voice from a flu-like virus; the unusual part was that it did not return after I recovered. Thus began a string of appointments to my doctor and various specialists for tests and medications for GERD, etc. I was told I was lucky my vocal cords were not paralyzed from the virus- I did not know that was possible. Nothing helped restore my voice, and since much of my work is verbal, I was incredibly stressed.
I began ‘forcing’ out what little sound I could, using my false vocal cords. The result was a very low, rough, breathy voice that couldn’t be understood easily and a throat that felt scraped raw at all times.
I was finally referred to Karen Sussman at Professional Voice Care to retrain my vocal cords to function normally. I had high expectations, as several doctors I trusted recommended that I see her, and one had gone to her for treatment himself for the same condition I had. She told me I would have my voice back in approximately 10 sessions. It took 11 sessions until I ‘graduated’, but I FINALLY HAVE MY VOICE BACK AFTER LOSING IT FOR 7.5 MONTHS!
I told her I would work hard, and I did. She allowed me to record our sessions, so I could review them and not miss tips. During each session, she would evaluate my progress, introduce new processes for me to try, and give me a plan of action for the coming week. As expected, there were some setbacks, and Karen would simply find another way to support the issue.
I had to adjust my very busy schedule to accommodate my new ‘vocal hygiene’ routine, and I practiced my exercises several times each day. I had to do the work to regain my voice, but Karen gave me the road map to get there. Now I know how to support my voice, and how to get back on track if it starts to deteriorate.
If you have any vocal issues, want to learn good protective vocal hygiene, or simply want to learn to improve your speaking or singing voice, I urge you to go to Professional Voice Care! Karen Sussman is wonderful, and her staff was very accommodating.
Go. Now. Your voice is important.

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