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Peter Kletchka

By : on : September 10, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Peter Kletchka)

I was referred to Karen after learning that I required vocal cord surgery for the removal of a polyp. Karen and her team were kind enough to take me on as a patient just prior to my surgery. This enabled me to become familiar with the exercises and type of therapy that I would expect post-surgery(a very large advantage).

One week after surgery(no speaking at all), I began my weekly(6 weeks) therapy with Karen. At present, I am fully recovered and am prepared to return to my life as a performing singer/musician. Without hesitation, I can state that my sessions with Karen were critical in my recovery and that I would not have the knowledge, tools and confidence if not for my time at PVCC.

Karen is an unabashed and enthusiastic purveyor of proper singing and speaking technique whose dedication to the craft will be quite apparent to any and all who make the correct decision to employ her services. My time with Karen ensured me a proper recovery from surgery and an enhanced knowledge on how to prepare, preserve and utilize my voice to a higher level. Thanks, Karen!

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