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What Are Therapeutic Singing Lessons?


singing lessons in WoodburyThe art of singing is much more than just talking loud from your mouth. To find your voice, you need to involve your entire body. Singing is a great way to calm down and connect with the people and things around you. But if you are overly stressed, it can contract the muscles in your body and prevent you from singing the way you usually do. This is why therapeutic singing lessons are so effective at training your body to release tension and free up your voice. We have a team that will specialize in a plan for you to either find or retrieve your singing voice. If you need singing lessons in Woodbury, check out our Hicksville location or visit our website to finally discover your voice that is inside you! 


What Are Therapeutic Singing Lessons?


These lessons aim to develop your singing voice to its fullest potential. Learning how to train the muscles in your throat, diaphragm, and mouth to release tension is an elite skill you can obtain. Listed below are a few benefits of therapeutic singing lessons:



Do not hesitate to contact Professional Voice Care in Hicksville for singing lessons in Woodbury. We are ready to help you!


Speech Therapy 


We also have licensed speech pathologists, so we can help increase clarity and precision in your regular speaking voice, which can benefit your singing voice. We have the proper equipment, personnel, qualifications, and dedication it takes to be skilled professionals in the field of voice care. So please, if you need singing lessons in Woodbury, come see us at our Hicksville location. You will be happy you did!


Professional Voice Care


Our Director, Karen Sussman, has been working in this field since 1981 and has been accumulating knowledge. She has worked with thousands of performers, teachers, lawyers, and executives to obtain clear singing or talking skills. The rest of the team is dedicated, professional, and intelligent when it comes to speech pathology. We can give you the best singing lessons in Woodbury! Come see us in Hicksville today, and you will never look back!



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