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“Tune In to Tune Up” Episode 3: The Singer’s Pharmacy

By : on : June 23, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on “Tune In to Tune Up” Episode 3: The Singer’s Pharmacy)

The Good, the Bad, and the Drying

If you’re a singer or professional voice user, you won’t want to miss Episode 3 of Tune In to Tune Up, featuring that Winning Pair in Voice Care, Karen Sussman, MA, CCC, voice therapist & singer-specialist, and Joel Portnoy, MD, laryngologist. They be discuss medications and supplements that can affect the voice. Find out what’s good and what’s not…and what can be downright dangerous. If you’ve ever wondered if what you’re taking is helping or hurting your voice, you need to check this out. Of course, you’ll also learn Karen Sussman’s “Technique of the Week”…and you don’t have to be a singer to benefit!

Professional Voice Care Center, the premier center for voice therapy and training on Long Island, invites you to join our Facebook Live series, Tune In to Tune Up with Karen Sussman, where we’ll present topics of interest to singers and all professional voice users who want a “Choice Voice”. Karen Sussman, MA, CCC-SLP, has been a leading voice therapist, speech pathologist, and singing teacher for 37 years. She has trained thousands of singers, actors, teachers, and other professional voice users to regain lost voices and achieve vocal excellence.

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