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Professional and Beginning Voice Lessons Near Melville

Professional and Beginning Voice Lessons near Melville

Welcome to the Professional Voice Care Center. Your new home for vocal singing instruction.

  • Are you losing your speaking or singing voice?

  • Have you always wished you could improve your singing ability?

  • Have you been looking for a singing teacher who offers beginning voice lessons in your own home?

Look no further than the Professional Voice Care Center. Our Hicksville, N.Y. facility offers state-of-the-art care to service the unique needs of those who depend on their voices for their livelihood. Karen Sussman, M.A., CCC, director of the Professional Voice Care Center, has been a licensed speech pathologist, voice therapist, speech trainer, and singing specialist since 1981.

At the Professional Voice Care Center near Melville, your voice therapist and singing teacher will create a personalized singing voice mastery program for total singing voice development. If you already have a vocal problem, we will include voice therapy techniques. We do this using our unique Therapeutic Singing Lessons program.


Almost immediately, you’ll find that utilizing these techniques results in reduction of vocal strain and vocally-abusive behaviors. You’ll improve range, power, tone quality, and vocal stamina. Furthermore, you can master the breath control techniques that are the hallmark of great singing.

We are pleased to offer singing lessons in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Read more about this great option here. Furthermore, online lessons via Skype are now available. This is a great option when there is inclement weather, or when you are unable to travel to our Center. Speak to our Voice Program Coordinator for more information on scheduling Skype lessons or lessons at home.

In addition to singing lessons, Professional Voice Care Center also offers a variety of other voice care services near Melville and surrounding areas:

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If you want more information about any of our services, either at our Center or via Skype, or if you’re interested in singing lessons at your home, feel free to fill out the form below. A Voice Care Coordinator will get back to you as soon as possible.

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