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Welcome to the Professional Voice Care Center blog. Professional Voice Care Center has been the premier voice training and therapy center on Long Island (NY) for 35 years.

Our Voice Care Center is dedicated to the total care of the professional voice. Our mission: to help people create excellent voices: those who have lost their normal voice and want to regain it, those who want to take a bland or unpleasant voice and make it pleasing and effective, or those who want to take an ordinary voice and make it extraordinary. We do this through a customized program of voice, breathing, and relaxation techniques and exercises, based on the results of an initial voice evaluation. We treat our clients holistically; our program includes posture/alignment, reduction of muscle tension and vocal tension, tone placement and production, pitch control, intonation/word stress and body language, as well as diet and anti-reflux regimens, hydration, vocal abuse reduction, vocal hygiene, and stress reduction… everything that contributes to the creation of the excellent voice. We also bring these customized components to our Total Singing Voice Program, through which we help singers achieve excellent voices through the development of a healthy dependable vocal technique.

In our new blog, we will present practical and informative posts on everything from how to have the voice quality you’ve always wanted, to how to break patterns of poor posture. We will talk about alignment of the head, neck, and shoulders; how to reduce voice-damaging reflux; how to create a complete hydration program and how to achieve an open relaxed throat for singing and speaking, including our “Voice Box Massage” technique that has become so popular! We’ll interview some of our clients on their journeys through the voice therapy or voice training process, and see how they achieved their results. We’ll try to be very hands-on and present techniques that you can try TODAY! If you want to sing better in the shower, or aspire to be on the Broadway stage….if you want to give your next speech with confidence and presence….if you want to get through the work day and still have a voice….you’ll want to check back with us frequently. Use our simple but effective techniques and tips and you’ll no longer have to feel that your voice holds you back personally or professionally.

So stay tuned, and get ready to learn how to have a CHOICE VOICE!!

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