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What Are Voice Therapy Techniques?

The purpose of voice therapy is to eliminate existing problems when creating vocal sounds in the larynx. Voice therapy can also help prevent future problems and make your voice stronger. Individually tailored exercises are learned by a speech therapist during voice lessons online. Karen Sussman and her team can offer you voice lessons to strengthen and improve your voice.


Who Should Take Voice Therapy?

Most types of voice disorders benefit from voice therapy. A voice disorder is apparent when there is a persistent change in someone’s voice. This can consist of a voice being too hoarse, strained, husky, or soundless. With a voice disorder present, the voice is weak and less powerful. For example, a person with a voice disorder might not be able to hold a key for as long, are unable to sing high or low notes, and speak in a very high or deep voice. Sometimes, a person’s voice can even disappear if they have aphonia. If you have any voice challenges, try voice lessons online.


What Are the Kinds of Voice Disorders?

Voice disorders are separated into functional voice disorders, organic voice disorders, and psychogenic voice disorders. Functional voice disorders arise from speaking frequently or loudly. A negative breathing pattern may become a habit when too much force is used. Organic voice disorders occur due to changes affecting the larynx. Physical changes such as vocal nodules or paralysis of the vocal cords can result in an organic voice disorder. Smoking, inflammations, stroke, or larynx cancer can also be a cause. Psychogenic voice disorders result after a distressing event, persistent stress, or mental illness. The voice becomes hoarse, cracked, or silent.


Voice Therapy Techniques: Voice Lessons Online

When attending voice lessons online, the following techniques can be taught:



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If you have a voice disorder and seek voice lessons online, consider Karen Sussman and her staff. Our instructors are trained to help people with voice disorders overcome their problems. Contact our office today to learn more about our services.


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