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What does a Speech Pathologist Do?

If you suffer from a speech impediment or have difficulty being understood due to pronunciation, Karen Sussman, our speech pathologist, can help. Offering voice lessons on Long Island, we can help you excel through your speech and voice problems. Our goal is to get you back out there speaking clearly and with confidence so that you won’t have to shy away from talking in front of people.

Responsibilities of a Speech Pathologist

But first, what are the duties of a speech pathologist? To get a better idea of what your first session of voice lessons Long Island will consist of, read on for more information about what we do. 

Responsibilities of a speech pathologist can include some of the following: 

Services of Speech Problems:

Steps clients can take to improve their speech problems:

There are steps to take in order to improve your speech problems. The different steps can easily help you overcome the struggle with your communication skills: 

How Voice Lessons Long Island Can Help!

One of the best methods for treating a speech problem is pursuing voice lessons Long Island with a speech pathologist. You should see a speech pathologist if you are experiencing trouble expressing yourself vocally, difficulty swallowing or any problems with the quality of your voice. At the Professional Voice Care Center, our expert voice lessons Long Island can help with the improvement of vocal ability and confidence. Some techniques that Voice Lessons Long Island can help you with may include the following:

The Professional Voice Care Center- Karen Sussman

Karen Sussman provides patients with the best resources to improve the various communication difficulties they may be facing. If you come in with difficulties with your speech, we will provide the best treatment to get you back to feeling your best! You will be evaluated and treated by our expert speech pathologist, Karen Sussman. Our Voice Lessons Long Island will help get you back on track for any singing and acting auditions you have planned for the future. Our goal is to treat you in a timely fashion, and ensure that you leave satisfied with our facility healthy and strong. Make an appointment today and get started on your recovery! 

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