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What is a Vocologist?

Gender-Affirming Voice Training in Long Beach

If you’re looking for gender-affirming voice training in Long Beach, look no further than the Professional Voice Care Center. Celebrity voice trainer and vocologist Karen Sussman is here to help create or restore your voices, both speaking and singing. 

What is Vocology?

Vocology is the practice of maintaining and strengthening your voice through vocal training. This voice training can be used for speaking, singing, as well as treating speech pathologies through speech therapy. Vocology relies on the knowledge of physiology, vocal anatomy, biomechanics, the physics of sounds, and much more to receive the best results.

What is a Vocologist?

A person who practices vocology is a speech pathologist with additional voice performance training or a voice coach that has additional training in voice medical arts. With this training, a vocologist is better able to treat the professional voice user.

What services does Professional Voice Care Center offer?

At Professional Voice Care Center, we offer a handful of services to help maintain and strengthen your voice and speech. Some of these services include: 

Interested in Gender-Affirming Voice Training in Long Beach?

If you’re interested in gender-affirming voice training in Long Beach, this is the best location for opportunity and growth because of our close distance to NYC, the theatre capital of the world! The Professional Voice Care Center is here to help you thrive and become the best you can be. If you want to learn how to unleash your full potential, feel free to visit our website and set up an appointment today!

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