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Why Should Teachers Get Vocal Training?

Teachers have a great responsibility in the classroom to communicate with students successfully. However, speaking for long periods of time in a classroom may cause a vocal strain on a teacher’s voice. Therefore, teachers are at significant risk of developing a voice disorder. Whether you have a voice problem or would like to prevent voice strain, the Professional Voice Care Center is here to provide vocal training for teachers. Our professionals will design an individualized program of vocal therapy to treat your voice problem. 

Signs of a voice problem:

Causes of Voice Disorders

There are many contributing factors to a voice disorder: phonotraumatic behaviors, poor breathing support patterns, dehydration, allergies, and more. At Professional Voice Care Center, our team will determine the cause of your voice problems to start the process of recovery. Our licensed speech-voice pathologist will design a specific program using advanced techniques to match your needs. For our clients’ convenience, we provide app-based feedback! Clients can practice their customized techniques at home on a smartphone or tablet. This can help save on travel cost and time, and stay safe in your own home. 

Studies show that 20% of teachers report missing work due to a voice issue. Spending the entire workday talking, yelling, or whispering takes a toll on teachers. A few tips to reduce voice problems are: staying hydrated, resting your voice, and minimizing throat clearing. If you tried some of these tips and are still experiencing voice issues, consider starting vocal training for teachers at the Professional Voice Care Center!

How Can Vocal Training For Teachers Be Beneficial?

There are many reasons why a teacher may want to undergo vocal training. Some of these benefits of vocal training include:

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Speaking is directly associated with the teaching profession. Since learning has transitioned to online, in some cases, teachers are still required to use their voices throughout video conferences. If your voice is giving you trouble at video conferences, we offer online voice preservation training! Rising voice problems will negatively influence the teacher’s ability to teach, so contact the Professional Voice Care Center today for Vocal Training For Teachers!

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