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Maintaining a Healthy Voice

If you or someone you know wants to improve their vocal health and is in search of singing lessons at home in Nassau County, contact Karen Sussman at the Professional Voice Care Center today.


Maintaining a healthy voice is crucial if you are a vocalist. When you don’t give your voice the proper treatment, you can end up with stiff or swollen vocal cords. The straining of your voice can result in polyps, cysts, or vocal nodules. In these cases, you most likely will need surgery.


Ways to prevent voice complications:

How The Professional Voice Care Center Can Help You


The Professional Voice Care Center offers a voice therapy program to help you maintain a healthy voice. Our licensed speech-voice pathologist, Karen Sussman, will establish an individualized program of vocal abuse reduction, vocal hygiene, and vocal rehabilitation therapy to treat your needs. Our effective techniques are reinforced through computerized and audio feedback. Our speech pathologist will work with your ears, nose, and throat physician on your specific voice treatment plan. We provide you with CD-recorded or printed therapy exercises and customize home practice programs. 


The Professional Voice Care Center’s goal is to restore or create excellent voices whether it be speaking or singing. Our services include singing instruction, voice therapy, audition preparation, executive speech training, and foreign and regional accent modification. They also offer services for gender-affirming voice training, vocal image enhancement, and Parkinson’s voice. Their unique singing lessons meet the needs of singers with voice problems. 

Singing Lessons at Home in Nassau County


If you are trying to better your voice but have a busy schedule, don’t fret, the Professional Voice Care Center offers singing lessons at home in Nassau County. Our highly trained voice instructors will come to your home and help you develop a personalized singing instruction program. They can help your sight-reading skills, song interpretation, and solo for NYSSMA.


You will be able to prepare for auditions and work on your repertoire for shows, concerts, or recording work. With our help, you will find that your power, vocal range, tone quality, vocal stamina, and breath control will improve. Your teacher is also able to coach you on foreign diction and English. Your singing technique will be solid and your voice will become healthy.

Contact Us Today!


If you are interested in singing lessons at home in Nassau County, call (516) 433-1822 or email [email protected]. Our center participates in multiple insurance plans and many health insurance companies reimburse for voice, covered speech, and myofunctional therapy services. We are looking forward to helping you achieve your voice-oriented goals! Contact us today for more information!  

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