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Online Speaking Resources

Here’s a clever stand to hold your tablet, phone, or e-reader, to help maintain good head/neck alignment. If you’re on FaceTime or Skype, this can help reduce vocal strain and effort, by keeping your neck aligned and your larynx free. Stop neck pain and speak better!

This handy laptop stand keeps you from craning your neck and rounding your shoulders, which can lead to vocal strain and neck/back pain. Make sure to use it with a separate wireless keyboard.

Ethernet cables provide a wired network for a more secure and reliable Internet connection, especially for your online video calls. Use with the Ethernet adapter below.

This Ethernet adapter connects your computer or tablet to a router, modem or network switch for network connection.  Ideal for video conferencing.

This USB microphone offers crystal clear sound for your video conferencing calls. Simply plug it into your laptop’s USB. It even has a port for your headphones. Also perfect for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, voiceovers, interviews, etc.

Now you can get near-studio-quality sound with an affordable and easy-to-use USB microphone. A must for taking online singing lessons. Can be used with Mac or PC; to use with tablets or phones, also get the USB adapter, below.

This handy adapter lets you connect your Samson Go and Blue Yeti USB microphones to your iPad or iPhone for amazing sound.

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