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Our Student of the Month: Linda Sussman Releases Her CD

By : on : March 5, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Our Student of the Month: Linda Sussman Releases Her CD)

No Relation, but with Her Talent, I Wish We Were Related!

Linda Sussman is a Huntington-based folk singer/songwriter who had hung up her guitar and stopped singing for about 10 years while back-to-back care-taking of four parents and dealing with her own health issues. A couple of years ago, she was reunited with her music and sought help to get back on her feet and regain her voice. Luckily, someone pointed Linda in our direction.

Fast-forward to the present. Linda tells us, “I am thrilled to have come to this point in my life: I have just released my third CD, Every Road, my first-ever recorded with other musicians. I am beyond thrilled and feel that I owe a ton of this to my vocal coaching sessions with Karen, which continue to sustain me both technically and emotionally.”

Linda continues: “Not only do I hope to continue to soak up all of Karen’s coaching, but I have also been able to take in the emotional component needed for me to continue to believe in myself as a singer, songwriter, and performer who is worthy of extremely talented musicians playing with me. Many of my songs are a call for social justice, with stories of challenges (society’s and personal) as well as of triumphs, hope and love. As I sing in my song Creators: ‘When we raise our heads and lift our hearts, we’ll walk in peace with one another’. Simply put, Karen ‘gets’ me! We come from very different musical backgrounds, but Karen’s continued encouragement has taught me to believe in myself and my gifts (voice, guitar, and songwriting). Karen continues to share with me many insights into the delivery of my songs, as well as the control and techniques needed to take my vocals from my natural soprano range to my lower register. In all, I have now reset the bar for myself and have found a new norm that I have come to accept. As is often said (quoted from the Grateful Dead), ‘What a long, strange trip it’s been’”.

For anyone who is interested, all tracks from “Every Road” can be sampled at and purchased either there or directly from her website ( There are also a few longer sample tracks that can be found on her website. Upcoming gigs are noted on her website as well. A CD release party is planned for April 6 from 8-10 PM at Finley’s on Green Street in Huntington. Here’s a sample of one of my favorite tracks from Linda’s new CD, Tell Me Over Sunrise.

Thank you, Linda, and best of luck with your new CD. The songs are powerful, and you sing and play beautifully and inspirationally. Let me share Linda’s sentiments with the world: May we all find peace through music. Words to live by!

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