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Drive Quartet

By : on : September 10, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Drive Quartet)

I am a busy mom of three young teens and have enjoyed singing competitively in a barbershop style quartet and chorus for over 20 years. Although I prided myself in knowing a thing or two about good vocal production after many years of singing successfully ( and a masters in speech pathology to boot!) I fell victim to a vocal polyp in 2013. I was shocked and devastated at the news. I thought my singing days were over! Fortunately, my ENT recommended Karen for help! I attended a few months of intense vocal therapy. I found Karen to be extremely well-versed in all matters related to the voice, be it speaking or singing. She helped me understand and adopt new, healthier vocal choices for myself. Her exercises and suggestions were very practical. Coupled with her friendly demeanor and professionalism, therapy was a pleasure! I recommended Karen to several friends of mine who also benefitted from her expertise. I took her lessons to heart and applied nearly everything she recommended to try, and made it my own. I made many changes to my daily routine, which proved beneficial to my overall health, too! This week, four years after my initial diagnosis, I learned I am polyp free! My ENT could not believe it! (I was actually there to discuss surgery!) My vocal folds looked much healthier on the video, and my voice is getting stronger every day, with continued work! Thank you Karen Sussman for your compassionate care and knowledge. I feel like a new person!

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