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“Tune In To Tune Up” Episode 6: Muscle Tension & Your Voice

By : on : October 10, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on “Tune In To Tune Up” Episode 6: Muscle Tension & Your Voice)

How to Conquer Vocal Tension, featuring Joel Portnoy, MD and Kathleen Brooks, PT.

If you’re a singer, or someone who makes your living with your speaking voice, then you won’t want to miss the next episode of Tune In to Tune Up with Karen Sussman, MA, CCC, voice therapist and singing voice expert. Have you been feeling like there’s a vice grip around your throat when you speak or sing? Is your voice tiring easily or getting sore, even after a little bit of talking or singing? Have you also noticed that your posture isn’t the best or your neck feels tight?

These factors could all be related: it could be muscle tension dysphonia. We’ll demystify this condition for you. Not only will Karen be helping you resolve your vocal tension, we’ll have laryngologist Joel Portnoy, MD and physical therapist Kathleen Brooks giving us valuable, practical information on how to reduce muscle tension, improve posture/alignment, and deal with this often-devastating vocal problem. As always, you’ll learn the “Techniques of the Week”, and you don’t have to be a singer to benefit!

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