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Accent Modification

If you find that a foreign or regional accent has become a hindrance in your professional or personal life, then you may wish to participate in an Accent Modification Program. The Center offers the Compton P-ESL Foreign Accent Improvement Program, recognized as one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind. You will receive an in-depth, individualized evaluation and phonetic analysis of your recorded speech. Your take-home materials include customized practice recordings, pronunciation handouts with target sounds, words, and sentences, and personalized vocabulary that you select from your personal or professional life. All evaluation and training programs for foreign accent modification are conducted by a speech-language pathologist who has been trained by the Institute of Language and Phonology to offer the Compton P-ESL Foreign Accent Improvement Program.

If you wish to reduce a regional accent such as a New York or Long Island accent, our customized Regional Accent Improvement Program can help you as well. (For “Noo Yawkuhs,” we offer our very own “Tawk of Lawng Island” accent modification program, featured in Newsday). With training and practice, we can all learn to speak with the “No-Accent” accent!

We are pleased to offer our Accent Modification Program in-person and via convenient interactive online platforms. Avoid driving during inclement weather, save on travel cost and time, and stay safe and secure in your own home or office.

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