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Audition Preparation

At the Professional Voice Care Center, we can help you (or your child) prepare for auditions for college voice, drama, and musical theater programs. Also, our voice and speech instructors can assist with your preparation for community, regional, or professional theater auditions. In addition to song preparation, you can work with us on monologues, sides, scenes, etc.

Our Center maintains a close relationship with top-rated musical theater coaches. These Broadway veterans will create customized audition song lists for you. We will then help you master these selections, both musically and theatrically. As a result, you’ll be on your way to achieving success in this competitive field.

If you’re experiencing voice problems, we know you don’t want these to interfere with your ability to nail an audition. Our staff of voice therapists and singing teachers has special training in therapeutic vocal techniques. These techniques are designed to reduce vocal strain while improving tone, range, and vocal stamina. Furthermore, we can guide you on ways to improve your vocal hygiene, including how to:

  • Improve hydration and keep your vocal cords moist
  • Avoid foods and irritants that interfere with good voice production
  • Calm those audition jitters using specialized breathing techniques


For more information on our Singing Lessons and Therapeutic Singing Lessons, click here. If you’ve been told that your foreign or regional accent may interfere with your ability to be cast in certain roles, you’ll want to read about our Accent Modification Program.

In conclusion, for anyone who wants to shine at an audition – come see us at the Professional Voice Care Center: the place to hone all your singing and speaking skills in a fun, professional, educational, and supportive atmosphere!

We are pleased to offer Audition Preparation Training in-person and via convenient interactive online platforms. Avoid driving during inclement weather, save on travel cost and time, and stay safe and secure in your own home.

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