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Medical Voice Services

If your doctor has diagnosed you with a medical voice problem, our Medical Voice Services will assist you in recovery of normal speech, voice, and/or respiratory patterns. If you’ve developed conditions such as vocal cord paralysis, nodules, polyps, or muscle tension dysphonia, our customized Voice Therapy program may help you to reduce pathology, vocal symptoms, and muscle tension. If you’ve been diagnosed with Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion, also known as Vocal Cord Dysfunction, we can help you overcome the debilitating cough, throat tightness, and breathing difficulty often associated with this condition.

If Parkinson’s Disease has affected your ability to communicate, we offer the SPEAK OUT!® Program for Parkinson’s Voice. And if you or your child has a tongue thrust, which is often associated with speech disorders, open-mouth breathing posture, and orthodontic issues, our Myofunctional Therapy program can help.  We coordinate all of our Medical Voice Services with your doctor, and communicate with him or her to create a highly effective speech/voice care program for you or your child. All services are available via convenient and effective interactive online platforms. Click on any of the links below to get started.

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