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Speaking Voice Services

Effective communication often depends on having an excellent speaking voice. But many people have found that their voice quality, power, stamina, and expressiveness are not up to par. Our Speaking Voice Services can help. You might be experiencing muscle tension dysphonia, vocal strain, vocal cord pathology, or even have a weak or paralyzed vocal cord. If so, then our customized Voice Therapy program is for you. If Parkinson’s Disease has affected your ability to communicate, we offer the SPEAK OUT!® Program for Parkinson’s Voice.

Professional Voice Care Center offers Transgender Voice Modification & Communication Training for transfeminine or transmasculine individuals who believe their voice and communication skills are not congruent with their gender identity. And anyone who feels that his/her voice doesn’t fully represent who they really are, either personally or professionally, will benefit from our “Choice Voice” Vocal Image Enhancement program. Our corporate clients may find that Executive Speech Training will enhance their ability to lead, persuade, and communicate in meetings and presentations. If you find that a foreign or regional accent has become a hindrance in your professional or person life, then you may wish to participate in our Accent Modification program.

Other services include Myofunctional Therapy for Tongue Thrust and Speech-Language Services such as articulation and fluency (stuttering) therapy. And if you don’t want to travel to your sessions, or if the weather is bad, online instruction is often available through a variety of platforms. Click on any of the links below to get started.

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